Is there anything in particular you ‘re in the mood for? I used to be obsessed by drawing at my young age but for some reason, I could not make it.

Nevertheless, I never stop embracing something new. In fact, it is not that difficult in Macau where we can observe abundant inspirations from this multicultural city. For instance, you could learn something new from a totally different sport, a book or even a person if time allows you to do so.

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Those who surrounded me might have thought that I have a jam-packed schedule every day. In fact, I like to have some buffer zone and have promised myself to see and hear different stories from others. A while ago, I attended a lecture related to the illustrating industry. I invited a good friend of mine to go together but he was skeptical to see it so I went alone. Then, the speaker literally blew me away in a way on choosing a book title and making sure to make much profit in the market. Yes, it doesn’t make any perfect sense for me to attend this topic but it was only 2 hours and I have never learned anything from this topic.

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Please see the following book titles. I believe you can’t help but try to find one to read.
The crocodile caught me much attention – “I want to eat a child.” The storyline is really simple as the little crocodile felt bored to have his meal every day. There is nothing special even his mom has tried to find something new but her son still can’t be satisfied. One day, the son was waiting for quite a while for the little kids to come by. Luckily, he finally met one target. Then, he was walking quietly so that he could eat the kid relentlessly. You know what? The little kid found this little crocodile very tiny, so he threw him away into a lake. What a blast!

The crocodile is supposed to be an enemy but it become a victim in the end. This failure doesn’t hold him back but instead, it makes him find a reason to become infallible. “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.” The final page of this book describes this little crocodile is staying on top of the banana hill and eating as many bananas as he can. Why? he says confidently, “I will become stronger soon if I keep eating more and practice more. Then, I can eat a little kid in the near future.”

What a fascinating story that I have never heard from a children book. Take a look at another funny titles as well.

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